Magician for fairs
Burkhard Schmidt

Effective - successful - serious

Commited to the Exhibitors


The fair magician inspires

It is unbelievable what can be achieved with three nut shells, a small ball and concentrated skill. How rare it is that you hear and see serious business people and entrepreneurs laughing wholeheartedly. And this does not mean laughing at the counter. What is meant is the laughter that arises from pure joy and enthusiasm for what is seen. A hearty laugh, a deep amazement, a relaxed enjoying of entertainment.

Customer Feedback

Innovative Sensor Technology (Sensor+Test 2016)

Dear Mr. Schmidt

We would like to thank you very much for your great work at the Sensor+Test 2016 exhibition stand in Nuremberg.

It was a pleasure to see how you impressed and fascinated the trade fair guests with your skills. You impressed our stand personnel as well as our customers and other trade fair visitors.

Through your uncomplicated and helpful manner, it was very pleasant for us to work with you. Above all, we appreciated that you identified with the Innovative Sensor Technology and drew the attention of all visitors to our stand and our products.

We look forward to seeing you again next year.

(Translated from the German originale)

The Three shell game for fairs

Everybody knows the shell game from the streets of the world. No visitor to the fair will miss the opportunity to experience the street shell game live and without risk. And the sensation is perfect. But beware! Not every magician who can "play the shell game" masters the art of fair magic, So here the most unnecessary mistakes happen when booking an artist for your fair appearance. Read here what an outstanding fair magician must be able to do (German).

The advantages of fair magician BAGATELLO:

Attracting the visitors
Attracting the visitors

  • He is extremely charming and reaches his audience in seconds.
  • It ensures a higher frequency at the exhibition stand.
  • His humor relaxes and appeals to the viewer to other regions of the brain than those used for cognitive thinking.
  • This addresses the visitors emotionally.
  • The enthusiastic and relaxed attitude of the fair guests makes them open for new (your) information.

  • Only a few companies afford this trade fair booster. This sets you apart from 95% of all competitors.
  • The investment is comparably low, to the effect achieved.
  • Enthusiastic trade fair guests send further trade fair guests to your booth.