Magician for fairs
Burkhard Schmidt

Effective - successful - serious

Commited to the Exhibitors


Fair entertainment

It is fascinating how trade fair entertainment can direct the flow of visitors. Attract and draw attention, entertain enthusiastically, pass on to the specialist staff - these are the three steps of a successful performance by an outstanding trade fair magician. This art is adapted to the given conditions. This means that it is fast, entertaining and intense. It is humorous and therefore relaxing and invigorating. Successful trade fair entertainment arouses curiosity!

Enjoy the shell game and walking acts for your trade fair appearance!

Walking Acts operate like a magnet

Walking Acts and special actions help the fairs to be interessting for the visitors.
Here a welcome-action on the CeBIT Hannover.

Wow! The Three shell game

There is nothing, wich works better to stop the visitors and make them eager for further information, than the three shell game. Amazing.

The advantages of trade fair entertainment

Attracting the visitors
Attracting the visitors

  •     It is enormously effective
  •     It ensures a higher frequency at the exhibition stand
  •     The humor relaxes and appeals to other regions of the brain than those used for cognitive thinking.
  •     This addresses the visitor emotionally
  •     The enthusiastic and relaxed attitude of the fair guests makes them open for new (your) information.

  • Only a few companies afford this trade fair booster. This sets you apart from 95% of all competitors.
  • The investment is comparably low, to the effect achieved.
  • Enthusiastic trade fair guests send further trade fair guests to your booth.