Magician for fairs
Burkhard Schmidt

Effective - successful - serious

Commited to the Exhibitors


Success with Magic on fairs

By emotional address of the fair guests the fair magician creates the entrance into the fair success of his customer.

You have a product that speaks for itself!

As a fair magician, Burkhard Schmidt makes sure that the fair guests also listen and watch.
Here's what a frequently booked fair magician needs to know:

    1. Drawing the attention of the trade fair public to your stand!
    2. Entertain the fair guests in the shortest time possible!
    3. Subsequently, pass the potential customers on to your stand!

Trade fair and consumer trade fair

Each trade fair has its own requirements for the companies and the trade fair magician. The magician speaks English for your international customers. Your trade visitors will be addressed differently than your guests at the consumer fair. But see for yourself, the pictures show the successes!

Professional Magician

You need a professional magician for your trade fair appearance!
He is characterized by the fact that he knows the trade fair business, that he addresses the visitors charmingly and is able to entertain them quickly and to the maximum and then manages to invite them to your stand.

Betacontrol GmbH & Co KG

K Düsseldorf and ICE for many years

"Dear Mr. Schmidt,

thank you very much for your professional work at the K 2007 in Düsseldorf. The sustainability of your commitment at the trade fair has once again been positively established by our customers. So we are asked after months if the magician will be present at the next fair. This will be the case. Especially in the often dry environment of industrial goods trade fairs, your application creates an unmistakable recognition characteristic in connection with betacontrol GmbH & Co Kg. Statistical studies have shown that only 10 % of all visitors to the fair can remember exactly what stands they have visited after the fair. Your presence at our stand has meant that this statistic is not true for us.

Thank you for your commitment."

The Three Shell Game for fairs

The fair magician is known for his unique presentation of the legendary shell game.

IFAT 2022 Munich

Shell game - fair entertainment
Shell game - fair entertainment